Zebrafish Swimming into Neuroscience Research - a Visible Mind in a Transparent Brain

Time: S16: Oct.14, 09:30-12:30(10:30-11:00) 3F, Hall No.8
Organizers: 杜久林、何杰
Speaker Abstract
Wen Zilong,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Aberrant microglia function contributes to the development of Moculipidosis IV disorders
Jiulin Du,Institute of neuroscience Mapping functional and anatomical whole-brain connectome of larval zebrafish
Jie He,The Institute of Neuroscience Embryonic Origin of Retinal Stem Cells
bing HU,University of Science and Technology of China In vivo imaging of Mauthner axon regeneration, remyelination and synapse reestablishment after laser axotomy in zebrafish larvae
Han Wang,Soochow University Circadian clock protein Period3 contributes to sleep homeostasis through histamine and GABA signaling in zebrafish