Transcranial Magnetic Stimulationwith Precise Brain Localization

Time: S26: Oct.14, 15:00-18:00(15:30-16:00) 3F, Hall No.8
Organizers: 翁旭初
Speaker Abstract
Chunlei Shan,Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Application of precise strategy of TMS on stroke rehabilitation: based on mechanism underlying neural circuit disruption and plasticity.
Chi-Hung Juan,National Central University The applications of TMS in visual attention and cognitive control
Jijun Wang,Shanghai Jiao Tong University Effects of individualized targets of rTMS as revealed by functional analysis of resting state on medication resistant symptoms among schizophrenia and depression
Ze Wang,Temple University, USA rTMS effects on resting state brain activity in healthy normal subjects and chronic smokers
Xuchu Weng,South China Normal University TMS combined with MRI-based individualized brain localization improves motor functions in Parkinson’s disease
ZANG Yu-Feng,Hangzhou Normal University Precise localization of abnormal brain activity by resting-state fMRI