The neuronal mechanisms mediating chronic pain

Time: S45: Oct.15, 15:00-18:00(15:30-16:00) 3F, Hall No.3
Organizers: 李相尧、张智
Speaker Abstract
Tao Chen,The Fourth Military Medical University Facilitated corticospinal projecting neurons after peripheral nerve injury
Xiangyao LI,Zhejiang University School of Medicine Non-apoptotic regulation of caspase 3 to neuropathic pain
Yang Liu,Hangzhou Normal University Nfia-dependent mechanoreceptors are required for dynamic mechanical hypersensitivity after nerve injury
Jin Tao,Soochow University Melatonin type 2 receptor modulation of Cav3.2 T-type Ca2+ channels alters sensory neuronal excitability through the novel protein kinase C eta isoform
YI Ming,Peking University How environmental enrichment and exercise promote recovery from inflammatory pain: Role of hippocampal neurogenesis
zhi zhang,University of Science and Technology of China 疼痛伴抑郁的环路机制