Frontiers of Neural Mechanisms of Decision-Making

Time: S30: Oct.14, 15:00-18:00(16:30-17:00) 2F, Hall No.17
Organizers: 万小红
Speaker Abstract
Cai, Xinying,NYU Shanghai Differential contribution of the orbitofrontal and dorsal anterior cingulate cortex to economic decisions under variable action costs
LI JIAN,Peking Univers 环境相关的参照点选择
Xiaohong Wan,Beijing Normal University Association with Uncertainty Monitoring, Not Value Comparison in Ventromedial Prefrontal cortex during Value-based Decisions
Tianming Yang,Institute of Neuroscience, CAS The Prefrontal-Parietal Network for Probabilistic Decision Making
Lusha Zhu,Peking University Intact Strategic Learning Despite Impaired Reward Learning Capacity After Basal Ganglia Damage