> Impression of Tianjin
Impression of Tianjin

Cross talk, Goubuli Steamed Dumplings, Yangliuqing (A character of Woodcut for New Year Paintings), Tianjin Hemp Flowers and Clay Figurine Zhang etc., are the city signatures of Tianjin, together with unique accents for special dialects. To many peoples’ opinions, the humorous and talkative residents, entertainments for everywhere and the accents, all make the reputation of Tianjin for making funs.

Hai River

Hai River is always the center of Tianjin. To the northern part of Hai River, there are the Eye of Tianjin and Ancient Culture Street etc.; in the mid part of H, there are Italian Style Street, Bazaar and China House (Chifengdao) etc.; to the southern part, there are Heping Rd. with shopping centers.


Wudadao is the area between 5 roads. It is originally the concession area of Tianjin. From 1910s, the warlords, democratic leaders, high officials in Qing dynasty and the foreigners all came to this place and set up their home. You may see the different style of the architecture skills, such as Rome Post, Baroque Patterns etc. Wondering here just like visits the Museum for buildings.

Relics in Ji County

Ji County is located at the ancient famous city Yuyang and also like the backyard garden for Tianjin. Lule Temple, White Pagoda in the County and Pan Hill, Huangyaguan Great Wall are worthy for visit.

A Bite of Tianjin

The most famous place for tasty food is on Nanshi Food Street. You may find Goubuli Steamed Dumplings, Tianjin Hemp Flowers, Erduoyan and Bengdou Zhang etc. Another famous one is on Liaoning Rd., close to Binjing Dao, such as Beef with Soybean Sauce in Yueshengzhai, Roasted Ducks in Zhengyangchun etc.


Tianjin is the home of Crosstalk. If visiting this place, you may find a teahouse to enjoy it. Famous ones are Mingliu Tea House and Yele Teahouse etc.

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