> Workshop and Satellite Events

Satellite Meetings
SM1: Friday, Oct.13, 2017
13:00-14:00, 3F- Hall No.7
Bio-Gene Technology Satellite Symposium
Speaker: Ikruo Suzuki, Tohoku Institute of Technology
Pharmacological responses in cultured human iPSC-derived cortical and sensory neuronal networks using high-throughput MEA system.

Business Meetings
BM1: Friday, Oct.13, 2017
13:00-14:30, 2F- Hall No.16
Neuroscience Bulletin优秀论文评审会暨2017编委会

BM2: Saturday, Oct.14, 2017
19:30-20:30, 3F- Hall No.8
20:30-21:30, 3F- Hall No.8

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