> Call for Papers
Scope of the paper
(01) Neurodevelopment
(02) Neurotransmitter receptors, ion channels and the excitability of neurons
(03) Synaptic transmission and plasticity
(04) Glial cells
(05) Learning and memory
(06) Cognition, behavior and neural circuits
(07) Sensory systems
(08) Motor systems
(09) Homeostasis, immune, endocrine
(10) Neurodegenerative diseases
(11) Cerebral ischemia and protection
(12) Epilepsy with congenital neural diseases
(13) Psychological, addiction and mental illness
(14) Nerve injury and regeneration
(15) Neural biology teaching
Submission requirements and deadlines
(1) Submission deadline is June 15, 2017.
(2) Prepare your abstract in English as the Example. The abstract must contains: title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, contact e-mail address, main text of abstract and key words. No images, tables, diagrams or graphs are allowed. The maximum number of characters for body is 2,500 (including the title, the names of authors, institutions, spaces, etc.)
(3) You must register online and pay the registration fee before Submission Abstract. If you have not pay the registration fees, your abstract will not be accepted.
Online submission
(1) Abstracts must be submitted online. You should complete advance registration and pay the registration fee before submitting an abstract, otherwise your abstract will not be accepted. Each person can only submit one abstract. The registration fee for the symposium speakers will be waived.
(2) Submitted abstract can be modified by clicking “Online Registration & Abstract Submission” before May 31, 2017. You need your user name and password to log in.
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