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All the rooms served in Wuzhen merged themselves into the unique architecture styles.

1)You may choose the Youth Hotel for RMB 60 to 180 per person

2)you may choose the guest house just like the old house in your hometown for RMB 170 per room or above

3)you may choose the 4 or 5 stars hotels for RMB 420 or above

4)you may choose the clubhouse for RMB1200 per room or above


NOTES for Reservation: The number of hotel room is limited, please make reservation as soon as possible.
1)When you book the rooms please mark clearly for how may rooms, how many peoples, check in time and check out time; IF you book the Youth hotel, please also identify your gender;
2)The rooms shows for the same price maybe not have same decorations and same size;
3)You have to pay all the costs as deposit for reservation. IF you had changes after you pay the deposit, please inform us as soon as possible.
4) Important Reminds for Cancellation and Changing:
a. Cancellation and changing 30days before arriving will charge none.
b. 3 to 30days before arriving: Cancellation will be charge for one night cost choosing by the customers; Changing, IF reducing, we will charge you 30% cost depend on how much cost you reduced; IF adding, no guarantee for additional rooms;
c. Less than 3days before arriving: No refund for cancellation, we will charge all the cost we received as the compensation; Changing IF reducing, we will charge all the cost for reducing; IF adding, no guarantee for additional rooms.



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