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Space Allocation will be made on a “first come, first served" basis. A completed Exhibition Booking Form and Contract should be emailed to ensure reservation of a desired location. Upon receipt of the Exhibition Booking Form and Contract, space will be confirmed. Please note that two alternative choices should be clearly indicated on the Exhibition Booking Form. Space allocations will be made in the order in which application forms with payment are received.

All exhibitors are required to be registered and will receive a badge displaying the exhibiting company’s name and the exhibitor’s name. Additional exhibitors will need to register as a corporate attendee of the FENS Forum. Exhibitor registrations allow access to the exhibition area and scientific sessions. An exhibitor registration form will be included in the Exhibitor’s Technical Manual.

An Exhibitors’ Technical Manual outlining all technical aspects of exhibiting will be circulated 2 months prior to the Forum. It will include the following:
· Technical details about the venue
· Final exhibition details and information
· Contractor details
· Services available to exhibitors and order forms

Once a Booking Form is received a contract will be sent to you for signature with an
accompanying invoice. This contract should be signed and returned with a 60% deposit payment for the Support. Upon receipt of the Booking Form the organizer will reserve the items listed in it. Completion of the Booking Form by the Supporter or Exhibitor shall be considered as a commitment to purchase the items.

All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibition stand. Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s stands. Sound equipment must be regulated and directed into the stand so that it does not disturb neighbouring exhibits.
Exhibition Management reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise or music that is deemed objectionable.
Further details will be included in the Exhibition Technical Manual.

Exhibitors and Supporters are free to visit the Conference venue at their convenience. Please contact the Mr. Xu Yun to arrange this. Contact information can be found in the “General Information” Section.