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Poster presentation will take place in the Poster Area of the exhibition area from Monday throngh(Click to Download: Poster Session) Tuesday,Sep.21-22.Authors are requested to be in attendance at their poster for discussion,as scheduled below :                                                                  
Monday, Sep.21:  
07:30-12:30-Poster Session I  (11:30-12:30 Presentations)
13:00-18:00-Poster Session II (16:00-17:00 Presentations)
Tuesday, Sep.22:  
07:30-12:30-Poster Session III (11:30-12:30 Presentations)
13:00-18:00-Poster Session IV  (16:00-17:00 Presentations)

Plesse find your board number by locating your abstract on the program book.You should display your poster on the board number assigned to you.These pages also indicate the date and time of your prestntation. Poster should be mounted at 07:30 am for Session I and Session III,13:00 pm for Session II and Session IV.

Poster size is 0.9 meter wide and 1.2 meter high.Posters can be affixed by double-sided adhesive tape,available at the Poster Assistance desk onsite.