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About Conference

Registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, the Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS) was founded in 1995 in Shanghai. CNS is affiliated to Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. CNS is a nonprofit learned society of Chinese neuroscientists from universities, research institutions and hospitals all over the country. Currently it has more than 3700 members distributed in all the provinces except for Taiwan province and Xizang Autonomous Region.

There are 5 working committees and 14 specialized committees under CNS. The Chinese Neuroscience Society has already joined International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) in 1995 as corporate member. CNS organizes national conference every two years and members' representative assembly is held every four years.

1、 Deadline for abstract submission and advance registration is May 13, 2011

Online registration and submission of Abstracts will open on February 25, 2011.
3、 Deadline for Mini-symposium proposal is May 15, 2011
4、 Poster Size: 90 cm wide by 120 cm high. Please prepare yourself.
5、 First announcement
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