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Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is Jun 30th, 2010

  1. You must have completed advance registration before submitting an abstract.
  2. Each conference participant can only submit one abstract.
  3. Prepare your abstract in English as the Example. The abstract must contains: title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, contact telephone number or e-mail address, main text of abstract and keywords.
  4. The maximum number of characters for body is 2,000 (The total number of characters for your abstract is 2,500 including the title, the names of authors, institutions, spaces, etc.)
  5. Abstracts may be changed only before Jun 15th. Give clear indication of re-submission by email. After Jun 15th, no changes are permitted. Please take great care to ensure that no mistakes are made in affiliations and that no important co-authors are omitted.
  6. The final decision of presentation style (oral or poster) is made by the Program Committee and your understanding and corporation are highly appreciated. A notification of acceptance/rejection and the date, style and location of your presentation, etc., will be sent to you by email around mid-July.



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